Date                          Location                                                     City

2014-03-28             Rock for Dimes                                                 London

2014-07-12              Cactus Cattle and Cowboys                                 Rodney

2014-08-01              Boothill "Country" Jamboree                               Bothwell

2014-08-03              Private Party                                                    London

2014-08-23               Victory Legion  311 Oakland Ave                        London

2015-08-22               Rocking for Hope   Norma Jeans                       London

2015-09-12                 Lambeth Harvest Fest                                      London

2015-10-31                  Private Party                                                   London

2015-12-17                   Private Party                                                   London

16-01-13            London Covers (Top Ten) Barking Frog  209 John St        London

16-01-27            London Covers (Top Five) London Music Hall 185 Queens Ave    London

16-01-30           London Ale House  288 Dundas St                                 London

16-02-13          Eastside B&G  300pm-600pm (750 Hamilton Rd)          London

16-04-15          London Ale House  288 Dundas St                                   London

16-05-12          Private Event             (Beachcomber Grand Opening)        London                           

16-05-27          Dawghouse    699 Wilkins St                                          London

16-05-12           Private Party         (Engagement party)                            Bayfield

16-06-02          Priavte Event (Bishop Townshend PS)                              London

16-06-12           Bark in the Park (London Humane Society)                       London

16-06-18          G.T's Beach Bar and Grill  350 Edith Cavell Blvd              Port Stanley

16-07-29          Boothill Country Jamboree   (5:30pm set)                        Bothwell

16-08-19          Norma Jeans 1332 Huron St                                          London

16-09-09          London Ale House 288 Dundas St (Country Music Week)  London

16-10-01            Brooke Alvinston Watford Fair   (Dance)                           Alvinston

16-10-22            London Ale House 288 Dundas St                                  London

16-12-09           Norma Jeans 1332 Huron St                                          London